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National Maths Day 2013

National Mathematics Day 2013

National Maths Day 2013

Celebrate National Mathematics Day on Friday 16 August as a part of National Science Week. In 2013 students and teachers will be using statistics to better understand their world: families, food, weather, sustainability.

2013 is the International Year of Statistics, so on National Mathematics Day, students and teachers are invited to collect data, display data and interpret data. Being statistically literate is a vital skill for all students today—not just to be an informed consumer and citizen, but in order to understand the world in which we live and how it works.

There are lots of activities based around two main themes.

Your place in the world relates to families (heritage, language spoken, time in Australia) and food (what we eat, how much, sources of food). The activities are developed from a personal perspective for the early years leading to the global for the secondary years.

About our world has a scientific focus, relating to weather and probability, and sustainability of food resources. The time frames start with a single day for the early years, progressing to weeks, months and years for primary students and then to hundreds of years for secondary classes.

Information and downloadable worksheets are broadly based. You are welcome to take and use ideas and activities that suit you and your students.



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