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reSolve to be a Champion


Spearhead new approaches to teaching mathematics in Australian schools

The reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry project is seeking Champions who will promote the teaching of mathematics (Years F–10) that is engaging, stimulating and challenging for all students.

Selected Champions will undertake a free professional learning program (online and face-to-face) that will provide thorough knowledge of project resources and approaches.

Resources developed by the reSolve project engage students in activities that are

  • purposeful,
  • challenging yet accessible, and
  • that promote a supportive knowledge-building culture in the classroom.

There is a strong focus on the Proficiencies of the Australian Curriculum.

As a reSolve Champion you will promote the use of classroom lessons and professional learning modules with colleagues – helping strengthen the teaching and learning of mathematics in your school and beyond.

The Champions program is open to all teachers of mathematics (F–10), as well as other educators.



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