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Mathematical Association of Tasmania

Mathematical Association of Tasmania

Breaking news - MAT relay entry information and MAT conference information below

Welcome to the Mathematical Association of Tasmania. This site contains valuable information about mathematics events and education in Tasmania for schools, teachers, parents and students (from Kindergarten to Grade 12), and for anyone interested in mathematics education in Tasmania.

The Mathematical Association of Tasmania (MAT) was founded in 1961 and is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation supporting Mathematics Teachers from K-12. MAT aims to link teachers through association activities, our annual conference, and regular communication. Through our activities and services, we aim to promote mathematics education and support teachers in engaging their students in the learning of mathematics.

MAT is an affiliate of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) and also of The Network of Education Associations in Tasmania (NEAT). We promote and support AAMT's vision of "a society of mathematically capable citizens who understand and value mathematics and its contribution to the lives of all Australians".



Upcoming Events:

A tentative list of MAT events in 2019 (including prices) can be downloaded here: 



July 29th: Applications due for National Maths Summer School (ANU, Canberra - January 2020)

August 23rd -24th: The 2019 Mathematics Association of Tasmania Conference

Mathematics Association of Tasmania relays 

Thu September 13th 2019 (NW Secondary)   & Sun September 15th 2019 (South/North/NW primary)

MAT Relay Overview:

Cost: $15 per team for members
$35 per team for non-member schools
Please enter your school by following the corresponding link below
South: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/mat-maths-relays-southern-heat-2019-tickets-64299487498
North: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/mat-maths-relay-northern-heat-2019-tickets-64298009076
North-West Primary: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/mat-maths-relays-north-west-primary-event-2019-tickets-64300809452
North-West Secondary: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/mat-maths-relays-north-west-secondary-event-2019-tickets-64301063211
Entries close on Friday 30th August 2019 and will NOT be available on the day of competition. Entries may be accepted after this date, by special request, by contacting the Relay Coordinator by email lauren.beams@education.tas.gov.au. All entries received will be sent a confirmation email.

MAT Conference - Reasoning: Putting the logic into Maths

Key Note - Colleen Vale

Colleen Vale is Professor of Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Education. Equity and social justice in mathematics education is a focus of her research and scholarly activity. She is renowned for her research in gender equity and digital technologies in mathematics education, out-of-field teaching in STEM and learning and teaching mathematical reasoning. Colleen’s research interest in out-of-field teachers arose through provision of professional learning programs for teachers in low-socio economic schools when employed at Victoria University.

Whilst employed as Associate Professor at Deakin University Colleen led a team of researchers to conduct research on primary teachers’ perceptions of mathematical reasoning, primary students’ mathematical reasoning, and primary teachers’ planning that promote and enhance students’ mathematical reasoning to advance the theoretical understandings in the field. The team also conducted a Commonwealth Government funded study of the assessment of mathematical reasoning which included the production of teachers’ resources for reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry for the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and the Academy of Science.

The 2019 Maths Conference will be held in Burnie on the North West Coast of Tasmania. A jam packed schedule has been planned with loads of opportunities to see brilliant presenters and obtain resources or ideas that will enhance your current mathematical teaching. We have organised a great dinner at the Hellyer Distillery, where we know the food and drinks are divine. Get in quick as there are limited tickets available that include the dinner due to limited capacity at the function centre. As always, we have scored great goody bag items and end of conference giveaways. When ordering tickets, choose the ticket relevant to your membership (individual, institutional or non-member) and decide if you want to come to the full conference (includes Friday night keynote speaker and dinner) or Saturday only. If you are attending the Early Careers day and would also like to come to the Friday night keynote and dinner, choose the Early Careers bundle. Please contact organisers if you have any further questions or if tickets don't cater for your specific need.



January 5th - 18th: National Maths Summer School (ANU, Canberra) - Applications to attend close 29th July 2019

For more events, see our Calendar. We also regularly update our Facebook page.


Can We Help?

MAT provides assistance to Institutional members. For example, we can support schools in facilitating maths expos, parent information sessions, setting up a school maths relay, workshops or other related maths support.

Please click on the link below and complete the attached "Can We Help?" form and forward it to lauren.beams@education.tas.gov.au



  Proudly an affiliated association of the
 Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Mathematical Association of Tasmania

PO Box 5096

Find us on Facebook. For more details about the association, please contact our president, Brett Stephenson, via email:




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