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Indigenous Learners

Make it count with Indigenous learners

Indigenous Learners



Make it count with Indigneous learners is a free community website for educators who teach mathematics with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in primary and secondary education settings. This community extends the  Make it count project managed by the AAMT.

This site is a place for educators to seek support and to share experiences about the best ways to prepare students on the path to life success through mathematics.

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Starting Point

Mandalany Mathematical Games Kit

The Kit – Mandalany (Man-da-lanj) caters for  Prep - Year 1 developed with Mathematical activities which focus on Indigenous Language,“Jiddabul” the language of the
Herberton area.
The garburrun garburru – 6 maui identifies the 6 elements within the Kit.
1. Indigenous Language
2. Mathematical Language 
3. Activity Process 
4. Resources 
5. Yarn About
6. Assessment ...more
The graphics in the kit were  designed by the Indigenous Artist - Munganbana. The graphics  are not to be produced in any way unless prior permission is given by the Diocese of Cairns.

[contributed by Lillian Miller CEO Cairns]

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