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Junior secondary activities

Junior secondary activities

Your place in the world relates to refugees and to agriculture. The activities are developed through an Australian then world perspective.

About our world looks at climate change. The time frames vary from years to decades.

The activities for the junior secondary students are globally based.

A number of the comparisons are made with Malawi, which is a developing country in the southeast of Africa.

The Your place in the world activities involve creating graphical displays about the numbers of refugees and their source and destination countries, and the eight most significant Australian agricultural commodities for local use and export. The data is presented in a variety of forms, such as tables, maps, comparative column graphs and 100% stacked bar graphs. Students perform a number of percentage calculations.

The About our world activity uses spreadsheets as a tool to explore the effects of changes to global temperatures. Secondary data is used extensively and the emphasis is on its interpretation.



Name Class Section Priority
Document Your place in the world: Australia’s agriculture Folder 1
Document Your place in the world: Refugees worldwide Folder 1
Document About our world: Climate and global warming Folder 1
Document Downloads Folder 1