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2. Dharug


The Dharug cluster focused on the early years of schooling and developing cultural identity through mathematics.

The Dharug Cluster is located in Mt Druitt, Western Sydney-New South Wales, and comprises three primary, public schools all with significant Aboriginal student enrolments (links go to school site):

Hebersham PS has literacy, numeracy and student welfare as key focus areas and implementing Accelerated Literacy, QuickSmart, Spelling Mastery, Connecting Maths, and Connected Classrooms programs. In 2012, student enrolment was 592 with 16% of Aboriginal. There are 23 mainstream classes and three support classes. The school is part of the Low SES School Communities National Partnerships initiative.

Doonside PS has 202 students, 42% of whom identify as Aboriginal. Distinctive features of the school include open and collaborative relationships with parents and community. The school is linked with Wingarra, the regional Aboriginal preschool. The school provides a range of opportunities in creative and performance arts, cultural and sporting activities.

Blackett PS has a total of 270 students with 63 Aboriginal students.

All three schools are in a low socio-economic region with parents and children experiencing life’s challenges. In 2012, across the cluster there were 230 Aboriginal students and their families influenced directly or indirectly in the Make It Count project

Throughout our Make It Count journey we, the Make It Count team at the Cluster Key School (Hebersham PS), have had so many opportunities to work with and learn from a range of educators from across Australia. We have built connections with our cluster schools Doonside PS and Blackett PS, engaged in many meaningful discussions with our critical friend Associate Professor Peter Howard, heard from a range of educators, researchers and academic through participation at Aboriginal Education Conferences at local, state and national levels.



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