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Big ideas

Big ideas

By actively exploring shapes and their properties, students can discover inter-relationships which helps to organise their understanding of geometric ideas.

When students are able to build new ideas on sound foundational concepts, a deeper understanding of geometry is developed. You can help your students to make vital connections between ideas and to develop reasoning skills by scaffolding their experiences of geometric relationships.

From the properties of plane shapes students can develop the concept of congruence.

Applying proportional understanding to shapes leads to the concept of similarity.

Communicating mathematical reasoning begins with simple verbal explanations. It can then develop into formal methods of deductive proof.

The angle and chord properties in circle geometry provide opportunities to apply knowledge and skills, and uncover new relationships.

The study of geometry engages students in the intellectual stimulation of solving complex problems.



Name Class Section
Document Plane shapes Folder 17
Document Congruence Folder 17
Document Similarity Folder 17
Document Geometric proof Folder 17
Document Circle geometry Folder 17