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National Maths Day 2014

National Mathematics Day 2014

National Maths Day 2014

National Mathematics Day 2014 on Friday 22 August will be all about paradoxes! 

Twist your brain on Friday 22 August with these paradoxes!

Some are counter-intuitive, some are tricky and others are just baffling!

Consider this:

Tomorrow never comes.


In the paradoxes below, click on More... to find the 'solution' or explanation. And if you have a favourite paradox, send it to us



Name Class Section
Document The birthday paradox Folder 1
Document Grandi’s series Folder 1
Document The liar’s paradox Folder 1
Document ‘Proof’ that 2 = 1 Folder 1
Document Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel Folder 1
Document Does 0.999… = 1? Folder 1
Document Zeno’s paradox Folder 1
Document The potato paradox Folder 1
Document A twist on Gardner's two children problem Folder 1
Document The Monty Hall problem Folder 1
Document The missing square Folder 1
Document The two-envelope paradox Folder 1