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Student Activities

Student Activities

MAT aims to support teachers in their teaching of mathematics by providing a combination of engaging and challenging mathematics activities for students. In addition to National maths day, and National literacy and numeracy week, MAT conducts a number of student activities unique to Tasmania.

MAT Mathematics Relays

MAT Problem Solving Competition

MAT Poster Competition

ML Urquhart Mathematics Competition

National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS)

Solving Problems with Maths! (Student Workshops)



Name Class Section
Document Maths Relay 2008 Entry Form File 14
Document Maths Relay 2008 File 14
Document Maths Relay Information File 14
Document Relay Entry form File 14
Document Maths Relays Information File 14
Document Primary sample question paper File 14
Document MAT relay primary sample solutions File 14
Document Primary sample solutions File 14
Document Junior Secondary sample question paper File 14
Document Junior Secondary solutions File 14
Document Senior Secondary sample question paper File 14
Document Senior Secondary solutions File 14
Document Upper Secondary sample question paper File 14
Document Upper Secondary solutions File 14
Document Relay information 09 File 14