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National Maths Day 2015

National Mathematics Day 2015

National Maths Day 2015

Celebrate on Friday 21 August by "shining a light".

2015 is the International Year of Light.

Let's shine a light on the Proficiencies on Friday 21 August.

Have some fun (and integrate the Proficiencies) by exploring these rich tasks with your students.

Click on 'more' to discover the many possibilities of "low threshold, high ceiling" tasks. These are sourced from NRICH, University of Cambridge. There is also commentary on integrating the Proficiencies.



Name Class Section Priority
Document Activity: Magic Vs Folder 1
Document Activity: Happy halving Folder 1
Document Activity: Reach 100 Folder 1
Document Activity: Triangle midpoints Folder 1
Document Activity: Strike it out Folder 1
Document Linking it all together File 1