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National Mathematics Talent Quest


The National Mathematics Talent Quest is an annual competition. It is coordinated for AAMT by the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV).

The National Mathematics Talent Quest is unique in Australia. It is the culmination of local competitions that see students work and report on a mathematical inquiry, often over an extended time.

it is an opportunity for students to complete  investigation into a topic of their choice. Supported by an online rubric and resources, students complete their investigation as an individual, small group or whole class.

The National Maths Talent Quest accepts the top entries from states and territories across Australia. For those states that don’t have a local competition, schools are welcome to enter their student’s investigations through the Mathematical Association of Victoria’s competition.

Pathways to the National Maths Talent Quest

New South Wales – The Mathematical Association of New South Wales Competition Investigating With Maths

Queensland – The Science Teacher’s Association of Queensland’s Queensland Science Contest (Mathematics Category)

Western Australia – The Mathematical Association of Western Australian Maths Talent Quest

All other states and territories (ACT, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory) are welcome to enter through the Mathematical Association of Victoria’s Competition.

For enquiries about the National maths Talent Quest please be updated to email Holly sales@mawainc.org.au or contact the MAWA office on 08 9345 0388.

For 2020 only digital entries for the NMTQ will be accepted.



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