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Teacher Showcase ~ Yiyili ACS

Teacher Showcase ~ Yiyili ACS

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Highlighted Feature: Yiyili -Two-way teaching approach 

This showcase is the work of Corrie Baxter, the Numeracy Curriculum Leader, and Elizabeth Gilligan, an Aboriginal educator at Yiyili Aboriginal Community School in the Kimberley.

Connect with Maths Make it count with Indigenous learners community presents Teacher Showcase: “Two-way Teaching Approach Kriol and Standard Australian English (SAE)”.

Yiyili Aboriginal Community School is in remote northern Western Australia. Students at Yiyili School also learn their tradition language: Gooniyandi.  

Aboriginal educators (AEW) and teachers work together to identify and code-switch between Kriol and SAE maths language at every opportunity. They have found this to be a very effective way of transitioning between using home language and SAE. The two-way approach empowers students to articulate their mathematical thinking and this has increased engagement and improvement across the school.

Students are encouraged to explore maths concepts in their ‘home language’ before grasping the maths language in SAE.


Two-way Teaching Approach Kriol and Standard Australian English (SAE)


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