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Take the Community Tour to find out

  • What is the Connect with Maths community?
  • How do I join the Make it count with Indigenous Learners community?
  • What are the benefits of joining and participating in a community?

What's in the community?

  • Forum
  • Starting Points
  • Learning
  • Resources

How do I engage other teachers in the community?

Find out the ways to interact with teachers in the Forum, in online professional learning and community events.

How do I contribute to the community?

Find out the ways teachers are engaging and contributing resources in the community.

What is the Connect with Maths community?

The Connect with Maths Project has a number of online education communities focussed on a teaching area of interest of mathematics. These communities support teachers of mathematics and provide support in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. The various Connect with Maths communities comprise of Community Leaders, teachers of mathematics, subject matter specialists, mathematicians, industry experts, experience social networking and users of digital technologies for the teaching of mathematics. Anyone with an interest in the teaching of mathematics can join.

Many people ask what is it? What is the community trying to achieve? Here is a video snippet of some explanations given by students, educators and experts in the field of Mathematics about the aims of the Connect with Maths Project.




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