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Early Years References


Publications focusing on early childhood development.

Young children learning mathematics: A guide for educators and families

Robert Hunting, Judy Mousley and Bob Perry
How can a young child’s mathematical thinking be developed? The authors draw on a significant body of research to explain the evidence of mathematical potential in young children and the importance of learning mathematics before school. Young children best learn mathematical concepts through everyday play and activity. There are simple guidelines for adults on introducing and building on these concepts with experiences, activities and conversations. Early childhood educators will find suggestions on assessing and recording children’s learning plus further activities and ideas for consideration.
Suitable for early childhood educators, parents and carers

Teaching Number: Advancing children's skills and strategies (2nd ed.)

Robert J.Wright, James Martland, Ann K. Stafford, Garry Stanger
This book provides a comprehensive guide to teaching early number in a way which is informed by assessment and uses approaches which accord with children’s mathematical thinking. It is not designed to “dip into” for an interesting activity (though there are plenty of these). Rather, it gives a systematic presentation of teaching approaches which are focussed on taking children from where they are to the next stage of their number skill development. The detailed descriptions of specific instructional settings, teaching procedures and learning activities are organised in terms of the authors’ Learning Framework in Number and relate closely to the outcomes of the assessment procedures set out in the related book Early Numeracy: Assessment for Teaching and Intervention. Includes CD-ROM with photographs and printable activities and resources.

Early Numeracy: Assessment for Teaching and Intervention - 2nd edition

Robert J Wright, James Marland, Ann K Stafford
This book details the background and effectiveness of the highly regarded “Mathematics Recovery” early intervention program, incorporating an interview-based approach to assessing young children’s numerical knowledge and strategies. Developed in Australia and internationally regarded as a substantial contribution to the field, this work also formed the basis of the “Count Me In Too” program.The book includes six diagnostic interview schedules focusing on a range of aspects of early number, and sets out procedures for analysing the results of the assessment interviews together with a comprehensive framework (the Learning Framework in Number) for determining a child’s strategies and documenting current levels of a child’s knowledge.

Maths and Numeracy

Jenni Connor, Denise Neal

Written by two experienced and respected early childhood educators, this full colour booklet incorporates the latest research about young children's learning to help educators, parents and carers foster numeracy. Simple activities—such as building with blocks and boxes, making bead and button patterns and classifying the features of everyday items—lead to conceptual development of space, shape, size, time, money and the basics of counting.Help children develop positive attitudes to mathematics and numeracy at home and at school to become curious, persistent, highly engaged and successful learners.
Connects with the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standard and the TAFE early childhood education competencies. Suitable for early childhood educators, parents and carers.