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Professional Learning


Professional learning resources for teachers of Early Years Mathematics to use for discussion in the Forum. There are two categories, Tutorials and Interactives. 

The Early Years in Mathematics community enables teachers to access and share knowledge anywhere, anytime. It aims to provide opportunities for educators for self-reflection on learning and instruc­tional practices and to contributes equally to building content knowledge. 

Online communities of educators can achieve the goals of face-to-face professional learning communities through this peer-to-peer connection for teachers to reflect and collaborate. In this Early Years community the use of the Forum offers teachers this  online interaction.   

The stimulus material provided here are starting points for teacher conversations in the Forum and for teachers to take back to use in their diverse learning settings.

Have learning materials to share with colleagues? Please email connectwithmaths@aamt.edu.au with the link and description of the resource.



Name Class Section Priority
Document Starting Points Folder 19
Document Webinars Folder 19
Document Videos Folder 19
Document Presentations Folder 19
Document Tutorials Folder 19
Document Narratives Folder 19