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What can an educator do on the Early Years Learning in Mathematics community? There are four main sections, the foremost being the Forums. 

What can I do in the community?

The Forum

This is the main hub for interactive discussions.

Community members can participate by providing responses to threads or starting a Forum topic themselves. Community members may seek assistance about their children's mathematical learning and understanding, extend their own learning to build professional knowledge or engage in discussion about the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics or the Early Years Learning Framework

You can access the expertise and experience of early childhood educators across Australia.  

Community-contributed resources in other areas of the website may also stimulate Forum discussion.  

Community members can ask questions in the Forum that can build a resource of frequently asked questions.

Starting Points

Each fortnight a new Starting Point will be featured on the home page. A Starting Point is an image or video of young children learning mathematics in either structured learning activities or through play. Teachers are invited to go to the Starting Points Forum to explore the topic through discussion. 

The Starting Points will be collected under their own tab.


This area is for community online professional learning.

There will be a collection of exemplar videos to help in the understanding of teaching approaches.

An archive of webinars (online events where members register to be  part of an interactive video-conferencing session) that have already been presented will be created. The archive will usually include a transcript of member participation, support documents and web links, as well as the video itself. 

There will also be a section for teacher narratives, where colleagues can share their experiences.

A collection of the Starting Points also appears in the Learning section as a stimulus for reflection on children's learning and teacher practices.

The Learning Forum can be used to provide responses to the online learning activities or to offer resources. If you know of any upcoming professional learning opportunities or have any recommendations, then let the community know through the forum or by emailing.


Essential resources include the foundation documents, the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Pertinent research articles appear in this section.

There is also a collection of activities that are directly applicable to the classroom or the learning space.

Community members can share resources (learning activities, reviewed weblinks, curriculum materials, research etc) through the Resources Forum or by email.


Most of the material on the website has been provided by members. To strengthen the usefulness of the community, please add your contributions either through the forums or by email. If you wish wish to share a resource, or need any assistance, please send an email to


Go to the Forum to raise any topics about the Early Years Learning Frameworks and the teaching of Mathematics for young children.