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The Early Years Learning in Mathematics Community program aims to enhance the knowledge and confidence of all educators teaching children mathematics between Birth and eight years of age including networking and professional learning activities, resources and exemplars through showcase.

Early Years Community Program

The features of the Early Years Learning in Mathematics program reflect the Connect with Maths Community Learning Framework which include networking activities, professional learning and a repository of resources

Networking activities

Starting Points

Starting Points is a forum specifically designed for training and professional learning of big Mathematical ideas, framing factors and the Reflective Continua.
Click here to learn how to get the most out of Starting Points experience. 


These forums can be led by Community Leaders or can be member initiated. Members can discuss any topical issue related to teaching and learning Mathematics in the Early Years Birth to 8 years old.
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Sharing Resources

Members can provide weblinks, lesson activities, reviews of software, toys, games and any other resource which has assisted teachers in the developing and understanding of mathematical concepts and skills for the Early Years.

Professional learning


These are recorded videos to assist the understanding of Early Years  teaching concepts deconstructed to be used in professional learning. The resources included transcripts, videos and supportive documents.

These are online events where members register to be part of a videoconferencing session. Webinars allows for synchronous and asynchronous options to access Early Years professional learning and relevant documentation. The artefacts of the Early Years event are archived for member retrieval after the event and usually include a video recording, transcript of member participation, support documents and web links.

These tutorials are digital multimedia resources that are designed to be for self paced learning on a specific topics  such as Early Years curriculum content, pedagogy or the use of technology aided practice in Early Years.

Professional Reading
These are recommended readings for the Early Years Mathematics. In most cases the content will be web resources or from the AAMT archive. 



Resources are links to key Departments of Education documents and support material to assist in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and the National Quality Framework


This documentation includes national statements of teacher standards.

These are general links recommended by the community to build an Early Years educators' knowledge bank:

  • Online resources to assist in best practice of Early Years Birth to 8 years old
  • Action research and case studies


Showcase will include the following contributions from community members:

Learning Stories
Narratives of reflective practice and professional knowledge

Starting Points
Scenarios of learning in mathematics called  “Starting Points” will be offered to community members to discuss, explore concepts relate to Reflective Practice, the Australian Curriculum and the National Quality Framework. Community generated Starting Points will be encouraged.

Lesson activities including instructional models

Web Links

Links to teaching and learning showcase, illustrations of practice linked to the Australian Curriculum, AAMT and AITSL standards.

Go to the Forum to raise any topics about the Early Years Learning Frameworks and the teaching of Mathematics for young children in prior to school and in school aged learning settings.



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