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MAT Poster Competition

MAT Poster Competition

MAT Poster Competition 2017

Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the “What does infinity look like?” Poster Competition. We received many wonderful applications and were appreciative of the wide range of material explored by students from across Tasmania. All the posters were proudly displayed at the Annual MAT Conference in May. The following students have won their respective divisions and can be mighty proud of their excellent work:


Primary School:

Winner: Zarli Morgan (Year 5, Forrest Primary)

Runner Up: Mia Grant (Year 3, Goodwood Primary)


Middle School:

Winner: Abbey Maddock (Year 7, Ogilvie High School)

Runner up: Arlo Cameron (Year 7, Clarence High School)


Secondary School:

Winner: Zeke Lanham (Riverside High School)


Poster Competition Details:

Design a poster to answer the question “What does infinity look like?” Your poster can include words, images and/or symbols. Posters can be hand-drawn or digital, as long as the poster design and thinking is yours, and you use and acknowledge appropriately any information and images copied from the internet or books. Entries must be sent to the Mathematical Association of Tasmania by 3pm on Thursday 13th April via email (nathan.peterson@soc.tas.edu.au) or via mail (PO Box 5096, UTAS LPO, TAS, 7005). Entries will be judged during the MAT Annual Conference (12th - 13th May 2017); the judges’ decision is final. Winning posters may be published online (with permission).

EMAILING ENTRIES: Entry via email is preferred. If your students have created paper-based posters, please take a photo of the poster or scan the poster and email it as an attachment to nathan.peterson@soc.tas.edu.au. This will allow your student to keep their original poster while MAT will still be able to complete the judging process. Please name the file with the student's full name and year level (e.g. "Nathan Peterson - Year 6") or make this clear in the body of your email.


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