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reSolve Champions

reSolve Champions

A minimum of 240 reSolve Champions will be selected across the country, drawn from a wide range of locations and school contexts. reSolve Champions will be predominantly teachers (F–10) and others based in schools, but there will also be Champions who are officers of education authorities, principals and teacher educators.


At the end of the project there will be a minimum of 240 reSolve Champions across the country. They will be drawn from a wide range of locations and school contexts, and from all year levels (Foundation to Year 10). reSolve Champions will predominantly be teachers and others based in schools, but there will also be Champions who are officers of education authorities, principals and teacher educators.

The group of teachers who are Champions will be diverse – working in different school locations, sectors and contexts some experienced and others in the early stage of their career; teachers with strong backgrounds in mathematics and expertise in its teaching and those without strong formal qualifications for teaching mathematics (e.g. primary ‘generalists’, ‘out of field’ secondary). All will have a commitment to better mathematics outcomes for their students, and to working with colleagues in and beyond their school in mathematics. Their diversity will bring different perspectives and strengths to the group of Champions able to reflect and connect with the population of teachers of mathematics in Australia’s schools.

The notional distribution of reSolve Champions to the jurisdictions is shown below. Numbers reflect population and will be spread across the sectors of schooling. The target of at least ten reSolve Champions in smaller jurisdictions will provide a ‘critical mass’ for local networking and collegial support.

NSW Vic. Qld WA SA Tas. ACT NT
55 45 40 35 30 15 10 10



Increases above these figures may be negotiated with education authorities as part of their plans for uptake of reSolve approaches and resources by their schools.

The reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry project will conduct a year long professional learning program (Leading reSolve) to provide the Champions with the capacity to support colleagues to use and benefit from the reSolve resources. Successfully completing the Leading reSolve program is the only pathway to become a reSolve Champion.

There will be no cost for participating in the Leading reSolve program. Financial support from the reSolve project will be limited to providing some travel and accommodation funding for participants from non-metropolitan locations. It is anticipated that Champions will be supported to some degree by their school and local mathematics teacher association (AAMT Affiliates); ideally their involvement will also be acknowledged and supported by the relevant education sector (government or non-government).

The work of reSolve Champions beyond mid-2018 (the conclusion of the reSolve project) will be determined locally, according to the forward plans for uptake of reSolve materials and processes in schools, groups of schools, AAMT Affiliates and education sectors. From its inception the project has engaged with education sectors and others to encourage planning that capitalises on the legacy of the project, in particular, the reSolve Champions. The identification, selection and preparation of reSolve Champions will be a particular focus for this engagement from early 2017.

Attributes of the reSolve Champions

reSolve Champions will have backgrounds and personal qualities suited to the role.


  • Knowledge relevant to the reSolve Champions’ role.
  • Experience as an educator and in seeking and providing professional support to others.

Personal qualities:

  • Outline your views about mathematics and its learning, and to working with colleagues
  • Skills in networking with others in person or at distance using technologies.
  • Self-reflective and able to learn as they go.

Principals will provide a statement about the prospective Champion in relation to these qualities.

See the reSolve Champions Information and Expression of Interest package (PDF) for more details about what is required.

Identifying and selecting the reSolve Champions

Teachers across the country are invited to consider undertaking the Leading reSolve program and become a reSolve Champion. This is an open call for expressions of interest. In addition, reSolve staff have identified teachers who have shown interest in the project during its initial development phase, and these people will be directly encouraged to submit an expression of interest.

The expression of interest to join the Leading reSolve program requires the potential Champion to submit an expression of interest that consists of a personal statement that addresses the attributes (as outlined above), along with a statement of support and commitment from their principal. Prospective Champions will also be asked to share their vision for student learning of mathematics and ‘how they can make a difference’ in supporting colleagues to extend their teaching practices.

Selections will be based on these expressions of interest. Every effort will be made to achieve a balance across sectors and jurisdictions. However, the overriding criteria will be the match with the attributes, a commitment to complete the full Leading reSolve program and a willingness to help colleagues capitalise on the legacy of reSolve in their professional learning and ultimately in the classroom.

The timeline for selecting the reSolve Champions is:

  • Expressions of interest due 30 April 2017
  • Selections finalised 26 May 2017
  • Late expressions of interest will be considered; please email Matt Skoss before completing your submission.



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