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Oxford Mathematics Study Dictionary

Oxford Mathematics Study Dictionary


Barbara Lynch, R. E. Parr

Price $ 57.50


Detailed explanations (including diagrams, worked examples etc.) of mathematical terms and concepts, organised by topic and with a comprehensive index.

This is a unique and comprehensive reference book for secondary school mathematics students. The ‘Dictionary’ contains an extensive list of mathematical words and their meanings, organised into topic sections typically included in mathematics syllabi around the country: arithmetic, number, complex numbers, matrices, circles, symmetry and transformations, functions and relations, coordinate geometry, differential calculus, vectors… Specific words can be found through the index; the actual entries contain appropriate definitions, theorems, formulae, diagrams and worked examples of major applications designed to make the meanings clear.

Great as a general reference and for revision.

Algebra, Calculus, Chance and data, Number, Space/Measurement, Student material


ISBN-13: 978-0-19-551180-2