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Having Fun with Maths

Having Fun with Maths

Activities and Games for Developing Maths Language and Skills


5 - 12+


Dave Tout

Multifangled (Aust.)

Price $ 35.00


A collection of thoroughly road-tested and ready-to-use games and activities.

A collection of ready-to-use games and activities which focus on the development of fundamental mathematics skills through approaches such as co-operative group work and the use of hands-on materials.

Suitable for a wide range of students of mathematics and numeracy, the collections of co-operative logic problems, dice games, calculator games and word games are designed to encourage students to work together and talk about mathematics to share their understanding.

The materials have been thoroughly road-tested, and are based on the author’s many years of experience working, writing and training with teachers from both the school and adult education sectors in Australia.

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Soft cover, spiral bound

Classroom material



ISBN-13: 978-0-646-48324-5