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Maths Terms and Tables

Maths Terms and Tables *REDUCED*

Maths Terms and Tables

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Jack Bana, Linda Marshall, Paul Swan

RIC Publications (Australia)

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A great classroom reference resource.

The first half of this book provides an alphabetical listing of mathematical terms with clear, concise definitions and illustrative examples. The second half is a handy reference collection of tables, diagrams and explanations covering number and measurement systems, geometrical relationships and terms, data representation approaches and more.

If you (or your students) have ever needed to check Roman numeral usage or letters of the Greek alphabet, the difference between a histogram and a bar graph, why a nautical mile is useful or the meanings of common mathematical symbols then you will have wished you had this book on hand!

Written by nationally recognised mathematics educators and experienced writers, this is a great classroom reference resource for teachers (Years 1–10) as well as for students (ages 9–15).

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Soft cover

Mathematics for teachers, Student material


ISBN-10: 1-74126-363-8

ISBN-13: 978-1-74126-363-3