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Teaching Mathematics Visually and Actively

Teaching Mathematics Visually and Actively

2nd edition


2 - 10


Tandi Clausen-May

Sage Publications

Price $ 80.00


A book for teachers wanting to provide for different learning styles in mathematics.

This book is about making mathematics visible and tangible – not something that just lies flat on the page. Dipping into it will provide instantly usable suggestions across a variety of topics at different levels: from early number concepts through to fractions and ratios, algebra, aspects of geometry (including angles and circles), time and data handling. When you get a chance to read it more thoroughly you will find arguments for using these approaches, consideration of some of the pitfalls to avoid, and inspiration to develop different ways of helping students to achieve deep and connected understandings.
 Formerly titled ‘Teaching Maths to Pupils with Different Learning Styles’, this updated edition now includes a CD with slide show presentations for each chapter, activity sheets and further resources.
 For any teacher who wants to provide students with opportunities for visual and kinaesthetic learning in mathematics.



Soft cover

Algebra, Chance and data, Instructional method, Number, Professional learning/teacher education, Space/Measurement



ISBN-13: 978-1-4462-4086-1