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Check the Clues E: Secondary

Check the Clues E: Secondary


8 - 12


Dr Paul Swan, David Dunstan

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Cooperative Group Problem Solving Cards for Mathematics

Cooperative group problem solving is a deductive reasoning activity where the solution cannot be found without everyone’s contribution. This volume is suited for students in the pre-primary years.

In the activities presented, students work in groups of four and receive four cards, each with a different clue about the problem. Without showing their cards to each other, each member reads aloud their clue. The group is also given solving cards or other manipulative materials. There are multiple versions of each type of problem.

The activities cover all three strands of the mathematics curriculum with many interesting problems, such as Balancing Act, Large Numbers and Alien Algebra.  There are comprehensive notes (with a particular focus on the mathematical vocabulary associated with the topic), and answers are given.

There are now five volumes available. The others in the series are: Check the clues A (for Pre-Primary), Check the clues B (for Years 1 and 2),Check the clues C (for Years 3 and 4),  Check the clues D (for Years 5 & 6).



Soft cover

Newest resources, Secondary



ISBN-13: 978-0-648-00946-7