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Professional Learning

Professional Learning




Professional Learning 2020

August 6th 2020: Working like a Mathematician (Webinar) with Birsin Reynolds


Professional Learning 2019

July 9th - 11th 2019: AAMT Biennial Conference, Brisbane

August 24 - 25th 2019: MAT Annual Conference, Burnie High School

More professional learning events coming soon!


Professional Learning 2018

October 16th (Hobart), 17th (Launceston), 18th (Penguin): AAMT Roadshow with Peter Sullivan

December 6th- 7th: MAV18: Teachers Creating Impact (Melbourne, conference run by the Mathematical Association of Victoria) - Bursaries available for MAT Members


Professional Learning 2019

July 9th - 11th 2019: AAMT Biennial Conference

More professional learning events coming soon!




Past Professional Learning:


March 9th: Using the Mathematics Challenge and Enrichment Programs in Your Classroom (with Dr. Kumudini Dharmadasa and Mr. Howard Reeves) (Hobart - CANCELLED)

March 23rd: 'Algebra as Storytelling' and 'Number Genetics': A Day with AMT's Mike Clapper (Launceston)

May 24th: Applications due for bursaries to the ATSIMA Conference 2018 (Melbourne)

June 18th and 20th: Connect Four: Maths300, Reframing Mathematical Futures II, reSolve and TEMPEST (Launceston and Hobart)

August 17th - 18th: MAT Conference 2018: Take a Chance on Maths (preceded by the Early Career Maths Teachers' Day)

August 22nd: Making Sense of Data-based Information in Society: What should students learn? (Public lecture by Maxine Pfannkcuh, Launceston, run by UTAS)



"Developing Visual Literacy and Geometrical Thinking" workshop with Karen McDaid (Launceston)

Maths Inside - "Bees with Backpacks" and "Maths in 3D" workshops (Devonport)

"To infinity and beyond... well, nearly!" keynote address by Assoc. Prof. Helen Chick (Launceston)

Developing Geometric Reasoning with Students in Years 3 - 8 with Marj Horne (Hobart)



Peter Sullivan presented professional learning days in 2013 entitled "The potential of posing more challenging mathematics tasks and ways of supporting students to engage in such tasks"

While most students want to work on more challenging mathematics, there are still some who require substantial support. The workshop explored examples of tasks with low "floors" but high "ceilings" that allow all students to engage with the tasks at some level, but which can be extended productively for those who are ready. A particular lesson structure that supports the work of all students on such tasks was presented and discussed. 

To view his presentation, please click on the link below:



Multiplicative Thinking Workshop

Professor Di Siemon from RMIT presented a workshop on mutiplicative thinking on Wednesday March 24th, 2010. Here are links to some of her key papers, of particular relevance to teachers of Grades 4 - 8 and including assessment materials, learning plans, authentic tasks and a resource library:




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Document Workshop: Maths Talent Quest Article 14
Document Workshop: Engaging Dice and Card Games to Motivate Students Article 14
Document Workshop: reSolve Maths by Inquiry Article 14
Document Reframing Mathematical Futures Project II - Tasmanian Roadshow Article 14
Document Dyslexia and Dyscalculia: What's the Denominator? Article 14
Document Maths Inside: "Bees with Backpacks" and "Maths in 3D" Article 14
Document To infinity and beyond... well, nearly! (Keynote address by Associate Professor Helen Chick) Article 14
Document Developing Visual Literacy and Geometrical Thinking Article 14
Document Developing Geometric Reasoning in Students in Years 3 - 8 (with Marj Horne) Article 14