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MAT Mathematics Relays

MAT Mathematics Relays

The MAT Mathematics Relays are held annually at three locations across the state for students in Grades 5 - 12. The relays see teams of four students take on mathematical problems of increasing difficulty as they race to beat other competitors and the clock. It's an exciting day to be part of! See our Facebook page for video of the Northern Heats in 2017 and 2016.


Click here for 2017 results

Sunday 20th August 2017 (Tuesday 15th August 2017 for North West secondary divisions only)

Rosny College (South) 11.30am – Primary division HEAT 1 (register at 11.10)
  12.50pm – Primary division HEAT 2 (register at 12.30pm)
  2.10pm – Junior Secondary division (register at 1.50pm)
  3.20pm – Upper and Senior Secondary (register at 3.00pm)
Scotch Oakburn College (North)

12.00pm – SS, US and JS divisions (register at 11.45am)

1.30pm – Primary Divisions (register at 1.15pm)

Penguin District School Community Learning Centre (North West)

12.00pm – Primary Divisions (register at 11.30am)

All North West Secondary Divisions are on TUESDAY 15th AUGUST at 11.00am

Relay Divisions:

Primary               (P)     Years 5 and 6         (maximum of 2 Primary teams per School/College)

Junior Secondary (JS)   Years 7 and 8         (maximum of 2 Junior Secondary teams per School/College)

Upper Secondary (US)   Years 9 and 10       (maximum of 2 Upper Secondary teams per School/College)

Senior Secondary (SS)   Years 11 and 12     (maximum of 5 Senior Secondary teams per School/College)

Variations to team numbers may be made upon request, subject to venue capacity, in the week prior to the Relays. Contact Lauren Beams directly (



$15 per team for MAT members

$25 per team for non member schools



Please register your school via following the corresponding link below:



North-West Secondary:

North-West Primary:

Please note that payments are available by credit card only.


Entries close on Friday 11th August 2017 and will NOT be available on the day of competition. Entries may be accepted after 11th August by special request by contacting the Relay Coordinator ( All entries received will be sent a confirmation email.



Lauren Beams


Modified Relay (for classroom use):

Classroom Junior Relay

  Classroom Junior Relay rules scoresheet answers 


Sample Questions:

  Primary sample question paper  Primary sample solutions 

  Junior Secondary sample question paper  Junior Secondary solutions 

  Senior Secondary sample question paper  Senior Secondary solutions 

  Upper Secondary sample question paper  Upper Secondary solutions 


The Relays are held simultaneously in three main venues around the state: Hobart, Launceston and the North-West coast. Depending on demand, a fourth venue on the West coast may be brought into play.


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