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Join a community


Links and instructions about joining:

  • Digital Learning and mathematics
  • Early years learning in mathematics
  • Engaging all students
  • Make it count with Indigenous learners
  • Maths in action
  • email discussion list

Follow the links below to the various community sub-sites.

You will find more information about each community.

You must register to access the whole community site – and once registered with one site, you will have access to all community sub-sites (note that this will be your user name and password for the AAMT webshop).

The exception is the AAMT email discussion list. Please follow the specific instructions for that community.



Name Class Section Priority
Document Early Years Learning in Mathematics Link 1
Document Engaging All Students Link 1
Document Make It Count with Indigenous Leaners Link 1
Document Maths in Action Link 1
Document Digital Learning and Mathematics Link 1
Document Discussion list Folder 1