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About CwM

About Connect with Maths

About CwM

More about the project's aims to develop online professional learning networks, and contact information for the project manager.

The Connect with Maths project aims to build a dynamic education community to support Australian teachers of mathematics. Teachers can access a range of networks and activities that support the implementation of mathematics in the Australian Curriculum.

Priorities of the Connect with Maths project are:

  • increased pedagogical knowledge of the teaching of mathematics and engagement of contemporary learners
  • deep understanding of content knowledge which supports the delivery of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics
  • increased technological knowledge for teachers to participate with colleagues in online networks and to build teacher confidence in using technology for student learning.

Connect with Maths welcomes all  teachers to join the community to:

  • share ideas and experiences
  • engage in a community activities
  • explore resources
  • participate in online professional learning


The Connect with Maths project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Mathematics and Science Participation Program.



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